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Build a Linux Server using Webmin

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  Linux Distros



  This how to assumes your looking to setup a Linux Server.

  Manage Linux Servers, build Linux Servers, not a GUI Linux Desktop.

  For use without a monitor, keyboard or mouse. ( often called headless when there is no monitor )


  After setup completes you will be remotely managing it, and will not have a need for the monitor and keyboard once

  you have finished the initial setup. This how-to also assumes you are connected to the internet, and have at least (2) computers

  on the same network. It also assumes you will have at least (2) hard-drives in the server, one for the O.S. and one for the data.

  Only one network card is needed until the optional \ advanced section.


  Due to upgrades and new versions some links may no longer be available,

  if you run into this just go to or and find the newer link.


  This how-to covers everything from the most basic setup, to a full blown dedicated server. You can choose how far to go in

  this step by step how-to, even setting your Linux box up as your Router, File Server, Firewall, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS,

  FTP \ SFTP, Virtual Machine Server \ Hypervisor \ ProxMox, Backup solution, and much more...

  *Note, if your planning a VMWare server (Page 5 \ advanced) or any kind of Hypervisor, see this disclaimer before you begin

  *Note, if your planning a FTP or SFTP server (Page 3), see this disclaimer before you begin

  No table-of-contents, it is assumed you will follow this how-to, step by step, as each page builds off the previous ones.

  If you skip a page, you could miss an installer or file called for later in the how-to. I hope you will find this how-to helpful.

  If you have questions try checking my BLOG, with any luck that will turn into a knowledge base for initial setup problems.


  My stuff will always be free for personal use, but if you would still like to contribute, you can donate money towards this, or

  one of my other how-to's





  *Special thanks to:

  Melissa Elwood, Bill Manges, Mike Juan, Julio Cuz, Nathan Roy, Tim Ragusa, James Mitchell, Peter B., ggaron, till, MHIX,

  James Bow, sammydee, Mihai Marinof, Mad Professor, John Rowe, Lani78, Jordan Sissel, Jerome1232, Drdos2006, and of course

  Jamie Cameron (Webmin \ Usermin), Putty, Cobian Backup, Debian Linux, Ubuntu,,, Tekzilla, HAK5, ,Berkhamsted Web Design,,,

  and the millions of people that make Linux possible.


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* This how-to is try at your own risk, with absolutely no warranty, no promises, and no guarantees. I cannot be held accountable for claims, statements, or damages of any kind.

* This how-to is for personal use only, and I reserve all rights.