Setting up a Software Raid for your OS?   Try the videos below

Software Raid Video 1

Software Raid Video 1


Software Raid Video 2

Software Raid Video 2


Additional Notes:

If you have a failed disk, and are having problems partitioning the replacement disk because of errors like "Cylinder overlap" Or "Cylinder out of bounds"


These messages can safely be ignored using fdisk -c -u


This will show you your disks in sectors instead of cylinders, and allow you to finish partitioning.


Or even better, use the sfdisk command to copy the entire partition table from one drive to another (takes only seconds to finish)


That command looks like this below, where /dev/sdb is a known good, properly partitioned disk, and sda is the new \ blank replacement disk.


sfdisk -d /dev/sdb|sfdisk /dev/sda --force


*In the command above, sda failed and has been replaced with a blank drive, and is getting its partition table setup quickly by copying it from sdb.


This command will copy just the partition table, and not the data, allowing you to later add your partitions back into the raid array for syncing.


Just donít forget the grub-install command, on every replacement disk everytime   grub-install /dev/sda

And everytime you make a change to grub, tell the OS about it by running   update-grub


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