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As of the original writing of the webpage \ how-to. VMWare server was the best virtualization server solution around. Now days, if you’re planning a VMWare server or Hypervisor there are many more options, and in my opinion, better options.

My first vote would be 64-bit Proxmox  ( http://proxmox.com )

Watch my how-to videos on ProxMox   (http://woodel.com/my-linux-how-to/proxmox_vidz/ )

This is a virtualization solution built on Debian Linux. Just use the Proxmox iso from their website instead of the Debian iso suggested from my website. This way your initial format \ installation not only installs Debian Linux, but it also installs and configures Proxmox, KVM and LVM for you (this is huge, an expert install right out of the box). Once the install completes, you can then follow my guide. Giving you even more control and functionality out of your Proxmox server. It’s perfect for the do-it-yourself’ers that are confortable using putty and webmin when needed. It is free to use, you never "have to" buy anything, i have several test servers ive never paid anything for... and several important servers i do pay for... i do recommened buying the annual subscription, you don't want them going out of buisness, its under $80 per year in most cases and allows you to download their updates \ fixes via the same "apt-get dist-upgrade" commands you learn in this guide.

My second choice is a 64-bit VMWare product called ESXi, (you might hear rumors that ESXi expires after 60 days, that is not true, you just have to enter your free serial number they emailed you) and third is 64-bit Citrix XenServer. These are incredible products, but they are canned hypervisors, meaning that’s all the server can do, your limited on what you can change \ customize, and there are usually large costs to use their advanced features. Whereas Proxmox is wide open, free except for the small annual subscription cost and is fully customizable. All (3) are very very strong and very very good. You really can't make a wrong choice here, my vote is Proxmox.


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